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OPK Laozi Germany is a Chinese brand that calls for the European Market

Company news
2019/03/29 17:21

Perhaps the most recent concern of the whole hardware industry in Europe is that a Chinese brand has opened its wholly owned subsidiary in Germany. Not only that, but the management team is a luxury team, bringing together the top local industry elites in Europe. Such a large-scale action has triggered a shock in the industry. It is said that some products of European hardware enterprises immediately reduced their prices by 30%.

This highly concerned Chinese brand has a resounding name, OPK, which is powerful, ambitious and energetic, and is regarded as the "stirrer" of the European hardware market.

On June 22, OPK invited customers from China, Europe and surrounding countries to witness the formal opening of OPK Germany. So far, people finally met Xu Chao, the leader of OPK pulley kingdom.

Twenty-two years, refuse temptation, concentrate on pulleys. Many professionals asked Xu Chao why he didn't do other hardware such as foot chains, hinges, slides and so on. Xu Ultra-fine smiled and answered, "I was born for pulleys. I exist for pulleys!"

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