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Development Trend of Furniture Industry in China

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2019/03/29 17:23

The development of furniture industry leads the trend of social progress. More and more people pay attention to furniture. Whether at home or at work, furniture has received unprecedented attention. So, what is the development trend of Chinese furniture industry? Let's take a look at the introduction of senior experts of brand furniture network.

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Brand Office Furniture Network points out that the development of China's furniture industry will move towards the standardization trend of industrial design. Industrial design, including furniture design, is a scientific and systematic project, which has already been expanded from the early simple design of the design industry. Because it is located at the front of the industrial chain, every link of the whole design process should follow the industrial norms in order to ensure that. The overall quality of product design is also conducive to the standardized development of downstream industries and supporting industries. The standardization of design industry can be roughly divided into internal and external norms. Only when internal and external factors work together, can we promote the overall design innovation level of our country.

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