Guangdong OPK Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong OPK Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 and headquatered in the well-known hardware priducts base-Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City of China. With good reputation, high quality products and great service, OPK keeps on uninterrupted growth and development.And now it becomes a large-scaled, technology-oriented enterprise with fifty thousand square meters working plants and more than 1000 employees. Meanwhile,as one of the backbone of the industry

Corporate Philosophy Product certification Certificate of honor

Carrying the dream of commercial home moving! Practice the European standard pulley damping world!

Opk makes the pulley industry, creates the European international standard of Chinese industry.
Opk is committed to pulley kinetics, mechanics, damping, metal structure science, fashion intelligence, technology technology
The way of specialization; specializing in integrated research and development and production chain of the whole system, the face of the Internet + era, and different systems, different channels of strategic cooperation with partners, and constantly improve the satisfaction of the pulley, fashion, intelligence, international standards.
There is a sequence of hearing, specializing in the field. Independent research and development, the challenge of professional limits, irreplaceable.

Opk stands for European standard, dedicated, rigorous, creative, agile. Concentration and excellence. Sell everything to the satisfaction and happiness of the pulley.
Become a commercial home, decorative engineering pulley unique whole series of supporting business, is the creator of the art of pulley life!
Opk, pulley dreamer and practitioner!