Opk is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OPK Europe, headquartered in Germany, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end household pulley products system.


In order to realize the company's development strategy of "based in China and positioned globally", Opk has been far-sighted, systematically laid out, built a factory in Germany, and actively integrated into the European high-end industry chain. By absorbing the advanced concepts, technologies, techniques, talents and industrial standards from Europe, and complementing them with Chinese companies, we can achieve industrial upgrading and gain new impetus for innovative development!


With the headquarters in Germany as the center and the advantageous resources in Europe, the European company is rooted in Europe and takes this as the new strategic fulcrum to occupy the supreme point in the field of household sliding wheels, so as to realize the company's global development strategy.


In the future, the European subsidiary of OPK will continue to follow the professional and dedicated development concept of the parent company in China, and absorb the advanced design and manufacturing technology from Germany, and devote to make the home sliding wheel industry more refined and stronger, and provide better solutions for global customers in the whole series of home sliding door system.

It is our responsibility to make our products the best!