German Brand Strong Attack We sincerely invite you to attend OPEC

OPEC is entering a new stage of Internet + development with an enterprising attitude. We will always adhere to the honest and honest management concept, uphold rigorous and scientific work attitude, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, continuously improve the technology of damping pulley, fashion, intelligence and internationalization, and create greater value for users. We are willing to work hand in hand with partners from home and abroad. Create a better future together!

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Explore the essence of things and determine long-term strategies

For this small pulley, OPEC has set up research institutes, built luxury exhibition halls, focused on 20 years, won more than 200 patents, customized household brands on the first, second and third lines, occupied 90% of the total, with more than 1,000 employees, and built more than 50,000 square meters of new plant area. Its annual sales rank first in the industry.

"To open wholly-owned subsidiaries of Chinese brands to Germany"

In the current impetuous mania, there are always a group of people who influence the industry with the simplest persistence. In a country that respects labour and encourages creativity, a society that understands respect for craftsmen and cares for the spirit of craftsmanship, we should also give full incentives to those who have become great artifacts - to make them famous and well-known; to make craftsmanship transnational, to benefit craftsmen and to benefit the country. Today, Xu always fulfilled his original promise. Full-package couplets and industry colleagues are also witnessing.

Development Trend of Furniture Industry in China

The development of furniture industry leads the trend of social progress. More and more people pay attention to furniture. Whether at home or at work, furniture has received unprecedented attention. So, what is the development trend of Chinese furniture industry? Let's take a look at the introduction of senior experts of brand furniture network.

Hardware fittings are the key factors determining the performance of furniture

In our country, furniture hardware fittings can replace imported hardware fittings, but functional fittings with high technology content need to be developed, and there will be new breakthroughs in the future furniture hardware industry.

OPK Laozi Germany is a Chinese brand that calls for the European Market

Perhaps the most recent concern of the whole hardware industry in Europe is that a Chinese brand has opened its wholly owned subsidiary in Germany. Not only that, but the management team is a luxury team, bringing together the top local

Accumulate steps. To thousands of Leopard strength transnational, well-known ingenuity, the real name!

With good corporate reputation, high-quality product quality and solid service, OPEC has been growing and has become a large-scale and technological enterprise with more than 1000 employees and 50000 square meters building plant. OPEC has formed a good strategic partnership with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad